Technical computing

Tailored performance

Acer's workstations and performance-tuned servers offer maximum computing power to satisfy the most demanding 3D design and computational simulation tasks. Above and beyond the hardware, Acer tests and verifies every platform with its software partners too, which include Altair, NVIDIA, Dassault and others. Users can rest assured that their applications can be fully utilized with hardware certified to render amazing results on leading software stacks for mechanical and electrical engineering.

Powerful, quiet workstations

The Veriton P Series, Acer's line of professional workstations, delivers the latest in Intel Xeon and NVIDIA Quadro technologies. These Acer workstations are designed with your workspace in mind. With normal operational acoustics at around 22 decibels, Veriton P workstations offer extreme performance yet remain quiet.

NVIDIA Maximus solutions

Proven cluster capabilities

For customers who need even greater performance, Acer offers a total package to enable multiple high-performance servers to be run in parallel. Our clusters are available from as few as five nodes, but can be scaled up and are certified with Intel Cluster Ready so users can take comfort in knowing their software will work.

Scaling up

Are you already a cluster user or thinking of becoming one? Acer clusters can be quickly set up using Bright Cluster Manager and PBS Professional on our servers and your choice of Red Hat, SUSE or CentOS Linux versions. Bright Cluster Manager includes a robust yet easy-to-use interface to make setup, deployment, management and upgrades straightforward for technical computing administrators and PBS Professional ensures workload is optimally scheduled. Besides functioning as standard management software, IPMI and SMNP traps can be monitored, data center level analytics are available, and both the GUI and command-line methods can be used to control all management and deployment functions of the cluster.

To learn more about the advantages and considerations when making the move to a cluster, please review the Acer and Altair "Scaling to Clusters Guide".

Applications first

A supercomputer is only as good as what it can do. Acer systems are designed to offer just the right performance to meet a given customer's needs, thereby optimizing costs and decreasing TCO. Our sales teams are well versed in technical computing applications and they can help tailor an optimal hardware stack -- workstations to clusters -- to your desired application.

In addition to Acer clusters handling multiple job requests, from large departments and a wide variety of applications, Acer also partners with Altair to offer their professional job-scheduling software and PBS Works. PBS Works provides engineers and researchers with a robust toolset to manage jobs, upload data from their desktop/workstation, and analyze cluster use. Since it was first developed at NASA Ames in the 1990s, PBS Works has evolved and been implemented in major supercomputers over the past two decades, and is proven to deliver robust performance within its easy-to-manage framework.

Intel® Xeon Phi™ starter kit

To help users take full advantage of the latest Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors, Acer supports the Intel Xeon Phi starter kit. This kit includes an Intel Xeon Phi card plus either Intel Parallel Studio XE or Intel Cluster Studio XE software stacks for software development. Coupled with an Acer Veriton workstation or Altos server, developers get an entire toolset of compilers, debuggers, MPI software and more that is tailored to run on the Intel Many Integrated Core (MIC) Architecture.

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