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Acer BYOC Apps (abApps) help you Build Your Own Cloud on your own devices wirelessly and simultaneously, syncing and providing access to your digital life anytime, anywhere. Snap photos with your smartphone or tablet, or listen to music stored on your desktop PC on the go. Your PC becomes your personal cloud data center.


Snap a photo, auto-stored to PC

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Auto archiving

After you take photos on your smartphone or tablet, abPhoto helps you auto-archive them back to your PC. Photos are also pushed to all of your other cross-platform devices over a wireless or mobile network. abPhoto organises your photos well, so browsing your pictures is easier than ever.

Memory sharing

No file size limits: Without file size limits you can easily take your photos with you to share your memories with friends.

Private: Sharing photos is quick and only between you and the people that you approve – your privacy is respected.

Acer enhanced photos1: With abPhoto, you can experience enhanced photos like Multi-Angle View, Free Focus, and Picture with Sound across your devices. You can also share them with friends using abPhoto's Cross ID sharing function. Your friends can view photos by installing abPhoto without the need for any special equipment.

See all

Pick a device and you can see your entire photo collection.


Enjoy your tunes stored on PC

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Host your own music

abMusic lets you use your PC to host your own music. It streams your music collection so you can enjoy tunes stored in your PC from any of your devices over a wireless or mobile network.

Pick a device to hear all your music

With abMusic your PC becomes your media hub for your music library. You can access your entire music collection from any of your devices or just download the songs on your mobile devices to listen to them later.

Store connect

abMusic adds your newly purchased iTunes music into your music collection for you. You can instantly listen to it on any of your devices.

Manage and access anytime, anywhere

For your Windows PC, download and set up abMedia. You'll be able to manage music plus videos stored on your Windows PC and access music from any of your devices via abMusic anytime, anywhere.


All your PC files wherever you go

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All your files

abFiles makes it easy to access files on your Windows PC from any of your devices over a wireless or mobile network, whenever you like. You can browse all the files in your PC drives and connected drives, even the stuff inside ZIP files. You can also upload files stored on your devices to your PC.

Easy sharing

With abFiles, you are able to convert Office documents2 into PDF format or compress selected files into ZIP format. Sharing documents and files via emails on mobile devices is easier than ever.

Always available

Through BYOC remote wakeup technology3, you can put your PC in sleep or hibernation mode as usual and then abFiles can wake it up whenever you need to get a file.


Recently updated docs, everywhere

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Instantly synced docs on all your devices

abDocs instantly syncs your documents on all of your devices. You can view and edit your Office documents updated in the last 30 days, using any of your devices, over a wireless or mobile network. Even when your Personal Cloud Storage is powered off, you can still access Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents from the last 30 days.

Instant access to your recent work

View your most recent MS Office documents from your smartphone or tablet. No drag and drop, no planning ahead, all you need to do is to remember to save your work.

Last minute changes!

There is always an occasion where you need to do some last minute changes to your documents on your tablet or smartphone. Don't worry, abDocs syncs your last minute changes back to your PC for you.

1. Acer enhanced photos can be captured using select Acer Android devices.
2. Supported Office documents are doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx.
3. Available on select Acer desktop PCs.