Acer Remote Files

Supersize your smartphone with PC storage.

Acer Remote Files frees up storage on your mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). You can access any of your Windows PCs from any of your other devices. You can download files from and upload files to your Windows PCs from any Android, iOS or Windows device, whether you're at home or on the road, and whether you're using Wireless or a mobile network. Your Windows PC is your best storage space for your smartphone and tablet.

Acer Photo1

Photos taken with your smartphone or tablet are automatically stored on your PC.

Acer Photo's PicStream feature automatically stores photos taken with your smartphone or tablet on your Windows PC. Acer Photo is an application that supports Windows, Android and iOS. On your Windows PC, Acer Photo automatically sorts pictures into folders arranged by month, so you can easily find them.

Acer Media2

Wirelessly sync your music and videos.

Acer Media lets you hear all your music and watch all your videos on any device running Windows, Android or iOS, from any location. Your music and video files will be available in Acer Media and you can sync or stream them to your smartphone or tablet at any time from your Windows PC.

Acer Docs3, 4

Docs, workbooks and slides on the go.

Acer Docs syncs your documents to AcerCloud, making your files available anytime, wherever you go! With Acer Docs, you can access your Microsoft Office documents saved on your Windows PC from any of your Windows, Android or iOS devices whenever you like. Acer Docs lets you easily access your recently updated Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. You can also edit Microsoft Office documents using your smartphone or tablet.

1. AcerCloud can be used as long as the Internet connection is set up.
2. Download time depends on the Internet connection speed.
3. AcerCloud supports Microsoft® Office PowerPoint, Excel and Word documents only.
4. If you edit a file on your PC, AcerCloud automatically uploads it to your personal cloud, where it will be stored for 30 days.